2017 ANHA ShootOut Barrels Round 1 Draw – Revised | Barrel Racer News

2017 ANHA ShootOut Barrels Round 1 Draw – Revised

After processing the drawouts from the Hurricane Harry flood victims and processing all of the walk up entries from today, we have revised the draw for the Round 1 ShootOut barrels.
PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY! If you have questions, call 512-446-5019.
We have around 415 total entries. If you aren’t entered already, you can enter onsite – NO late fees.
1. If you want to run in the evening, be here by 7PM – we currently have about 80 runners entered from 7PM through the end.
2. If your original draw number was # 1 – 270, your number did NOT change.
3. We did our best to maintain your “preferred (not guaranteed) run time.” However, we consolidated the runners within each hour – beginning at 2PM/# 301.
4. If you requested to run after 7PM, we have consolidated ALL runners. We currently have 80 runners after 7PM. Check the draw and be ready to run.