Bettis Banks 100K At RFDTV’s The American | Barrel Racer News

Bettis Banks 100K At RFDTV’s The American

Bettis Banks 100k At RFDTV’s The American

Taci Bettis isn’t a stranger to the winners circle, but after her stellar showing in 2017, some might say that winning RFDTV’s The American takes the cake. The 2017 WPRA Rookie Of The Year has started off 2018 with a serious bang.

“At the end of 2017 I sat down, and replayed the whole year in my head,” Taci explained when asked about her RFDTV The American experience, “A dream had come true for me that year. I didn’t ever think anything, ever, could top 2017. So to start the year with a fabulous winter, and to go to AT&T Stadium and get that chance to walk out with a life changing win, you stop and wonder if this is really happening, if it’s really for real. God is still opening doors for me and Smash, and every single day I replay everything in my head, and I am so thankful for it—because at any given minute it could be gone.”

Bettis doesn’t hesitate to credit her success with the village that keeps her going, claiming that her family and husband make it possible for her to go down the road.

“They’ve been behind me every step of the way, and you have to have that support system. It literally takes  a village for me to be able to go and rodeo, it takes all of us.”

However, there are two individuals especially that Bettis credits for a large part of her growing list of accomplishments; Tammy Fischer, and the bay gelding she brought into Bettis’ life at the just right moment, Bogie Is A Smash.

Smash, as the ten year old gelding is affectionately known, and Fischer, are what Bettis’ calls her once in a lifetime horse and mentor.

“Tammy keeps my mental game strong,” Bettis praised of her mentor, “she keeps my mental game sharp when I’m wanting to doubt myself, we read a lot of mental game books, and she’s stuck by me on every single run to get me where I’m at today.”

Bettis finds stability in veteran competitor Fischer’s wisdom, thankful to have the decorated barrel racer as her coach and close confident, but also grateful for Fischer’s continued generosity with her time and knowledge.

“She took the day and went with me to The American, to make sure I wasn’t self doubting myself,” Bettis laughed, “I get a little insecure, but she keeps both me and Smash on her game when I get in my own head and start doubting things. The mental game is 98% of the win, and it will beat you before you even get to the race. Tammy taught me to overcome it.”

Despite the moments when her nerves try to get to her, Smash is there to carry them both to the win. Bettis’ trust and Faith in her horse is unshakeable. “He knows when things aren’t right, but that horse will give me the same run every time, even when I’m not right. He’s got a heart as big as Texas, and is honest as the day is long.”

Rookie of the year, champion at RFDTV’s The American, Bettis will tell you that each title was a hard earned win, but her endearing positively is reflective of her tenacious spirit and love of the sport. However, her fairytale didn’t happen overnight. There was a break between her busy career as a youngster, and the present. It wasn’t until after several years of school, marrying her husband, and living life, that Bettis finally knew it was time for her to get back on the proverbial horse.

“It can be hard to stop, and take a break, but that’s what had to happen at the time. Looking back now I know it was supposed to happen, and I know that’s why I’m where I am at today.”

Bettis is, first and foremost, a go getter with an optimism that no one can beat. Her attitude is a testament to her sportsmanship, and her unwavering belief that if you try hard enough, your dreams can absolutely come true.

“Never give up.”

Those three words are a motto that Bettis will carry with her forever.

“There are obstacles that step in front of you every single day, and you have to learn to overcome them. Even on those days when your horse isn’t working, even when you leave the arena in tears. You just have to hold onto that drive and conquer it. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or where you’re at, you just keep going, and you keep trying, and you never give up.”

Taci and Smash’s Favorite Things

  • Saddle: The Tammy Key Treeless from Circle Y.
  • Bit: A Goosetree Simplicity and Loomis Gag.
  • Rodeo: Her hometown rodeo, Houston.
  • Books That Inspire: Mind Gym by Gary Mack and Shaken by Tim Tebow.