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Remembering The Greats

March ends with a tinge of sadness in the barrel racing community, as several notable champions are laid to rest. In the professional rodeo world, barrel racers Taylor Jacob and Sydni Blanchard have suffered major losses.

Sydni would say goodbye to her long time mount, and family treasure, Mr Famous Jess, lovingly known as Jesse, after an unfortunate freak accident during Rodeo Houston morning practice that shattered his coffin bone.

“This horse has been my best friend and family for years. From running on the track with my dad to running down the alley at the Thomas and Mack with me. He is so special to us we are heartbroken. RIP Jesse Blanchard.” – Sydni Blanchard

Taylor Jacob and her infamous partner in crime and fan favorite, Bo, would also have to say good bye. After a bad trip that resulted in Bo sustaining an injury at The American Semi Finals, he was laid to rest at Taylor’s home in Carmine, Texas.

“When I ran down the alley on February 20, 2018, I never imagined it would be my last ever run on Bo. Bo sustained an injury at the American Semi Finals that I can only imagine happened because of the amount of heart and try he possessed. Bo was not an easy horse, but he was a winner, and he has molded me into the human I am today. He taught me about life. He took me places and introduced me to people that I can’t imagine my life without today and for that I will forever be grateful. There is a song that says may we all get a chance to ride the fast one, and I can most definitely say Bo was my “fast one”. We laid him to rest at the house under an oak tree and I know he’s in heaven running around some barrels and acting crazy. Thanks for the ride Bo!” – Taylor Jacob

In the training industry, both Josey Butler and Karla Oller had to lay to rest two greats as well. For Butler, her long time partner and retired barrel horse, Jag, was laid to rest at their home in Sulphur Springs, Texas at the age of 23. Oller’s retired barrel horse, Scat, was also laid to rest at their family home in Enid, Oklahoma, at the age of 20 after sustaining a life ending injury in his pasture.


Mr Famous Jess

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Ollers Scat Cat